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The Synutra Group and Synutra Ingredients
Synutra Ingredients is part of the Synutra Group that includes Synutra International, Inc., a global firm incorporated in the State of Delaware and headquartered in Rockville, Maryland. The company is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Stock Market with the ticker symbol SYUT. Synutra International owns and operates numerous operating companies overseas through its subsidiary Synutra, Inc., an Illinois corporation, to manufacture, market, and sell infant formulas and other pediatric and adult nutritional products in the growing market of China.

In the North America market, Synutra Group's Synutra Ingredients division is involved in supplying manufacturers with chondroitin sulfate, chondroitin calcium, type II collagen, and whey protein materials, which will then be formulated and made into dietary supplement products for sale as branded products or in private label and store brands to distributors and retailers.

Synutra Ingredients produces and ships a number of name brand materials, including "Chondro Gold™" and "Chondro Cal™." These materials are produced and packaged by Synutra's subsidiary, Meitek Technology, in the world's largest industrial-scale facilities dedicated to chondroitin and related materials, utilizing the company's unique and proprietary processes. Synutra Ingredients makes available to its customers industry-leading R&D advances, state-of-the-art plant equipment and processes, and guarantees on material quality that meet or exceed all industry documentary standards.

Additionally, Synutra Ingredients has a robust quality program, that not only insures the company’s ingredient products are of the highest quality in the industry, but sets quality benchmarks for the rest of the industry.

Synutra Ingredients Operations
Synutra Ingredients is based in Rockville, Maryland and shares its Research Boulevard corporate offices with its parent companies Synutra International, Inc and Synutra, Inc. Synutra Ingredients' oversees sales and marketing activities of Synutra Group's dietary and food ingredients to industrial customers in North America and around the world. The division also manages customer relationships, handles shipping and logistics, and provides technical and informational support to Synutra Group affiliates. Synutra Ingredients has established a wet lab in Rockville to conduct internal research in support of quality control and market studies.

Synutra Ingredients and Branded Chondroitin Materials
Since the introduction of chondroitin as a dietary ingredient decades ago, the joint health supplement industry has always treated it as a commodity. One of the key reasons to this commodity trading business lies in the persisting rudimentary practice of vast numbers of back-yard operations in the source market to collect, roughly process, and produce the base materials from animal cartilages. Quantity sellers and shippers of the commodity chondroitin are overwhelmingly aggregators who only trade and export the material and do not own or operate processing plants that actually produce the stuff they sell. This by its very nature limits the ability to know exactly what the origin and quality of the resulting ingredient will be.

Synutra Ingredients led the industry by investing in the first modernized and industrial scale chondroitin facility in the world. With this, Synutra Ingredients is able to obtain, screen, and qualify large amounts of source materials from a variety of sources, including from smaller scale vendors who produce roughly processed powders or slurries, in addition to sellers of cartilage materials, while retaining knowledge of the source material.

Synutra Ingredients' plant at Meitek Technology employs a proprietary manufacturing process, uses state-of-the-art modern equipment, follows cGMP guidelines in quality control and assurance practices, and produces commercial quantities of standardized materials with high throughput.

Synutra Ingredients enjoys access to the full strength of Synutra Group's research and development might in nutrition and food sciences, shares its research and analytical capabilities, and partakes in its vast industry knowledge base and its extensive corporate relationships.

Synutra Ingredients leads the industry in technological advancement, particularly in the area of developing methodologies to combat economically motivated adulteration in the chondroitin supply chain. Synutra Ingredients has applied established documentary standards and official methodologies in effectively detecting various adulterants in commercial samples and retail products for research purposes. Synutra Ingredients is working with the foremost experts in the industry and academia to validate the test procedures, which will soon be published. Synutra Ingredients works closely with other industry leaders to address ongoing issues in the supply chain with an eye on the downstream product requirements and consumer concerns.

With this expertise and capability, Synutra Ingredients is well positioned to launch its long awaited branded materials: Chondro Gold™ and Chondro Cal™.

By these branded chondroitin materials, Synutra Ingredients will be able to share with its customers:

  1. Standardized and compliant materials with purity and quality guarantee to minimize safety and reputational risks;
  2. Volume sourcing efficiency to mitigate material cost fluctuations;
  3. Interaction with customers to optimize formulation and manufacturing processes for maximized quality and efficiency;
  4. Use of branding benefits with end-user products to enhance consumer confidence;
  5. Access to cutting-edge research and analytical advances to stay ahead of the game in the industry;
  6. Passing of higher material standards and quality disclosures to customers for competitive advantages.