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Materials Free from Alginic Acid Adulteration
Synutra Ingredients is the only supplier in the world that offers Chondroitin Sulfate Sodium materials with an alginic acid adulteration-free guarantee. All Synutra Ingredients material batches come with certificates of analysis with electrophoretic impurity of not more than 1%. Our product purity guarantee goes beyond the established documentary standard of NMT 2% impurities.

Low to Ultra Low Heavy Metal Breakdowns
Established documentary standards for chondroitin sulfate sodium materials set a limit of total heavy metals at 20 ppm, but do not specify limits for heavy metal breakdowns, including harmful elements such as lead, mercury, and arsenic. Synutra Ingredients is the only suppler in the world to offer chondroitin sulfate sodium materials with low to ultra low levels of harmful heavy metal breakdown measures. Synutra Ingredients' ChondroGold™ and ChondroCal™ branded materials, for example, feature ultra low levels of lead and mercury guarantees, with limits as low as 0.5 ppm for lead, and 0.1 ppm for mercury.

The Synutra Source Material Guarantee
Synutra Ingredients is also able to guarantee to customers the type of the cartilage used to produce both our commodity materials, as well as our branded ChondroGold™ and ChondroCal™ materials, specifically, whether the source is bovine or porcine. This is crucial information to know and guarantee when customers demand Kosher or Halal certifications. In the current supply chain, however, it is almost impossible to be truly compliant if the supplier does not produce its own materials in house and has to aggregate source materials from the commodity market.

In addition, the widespread use of porcine enzymes in the manufacturing processes used by small and scattered “backyard” operations is complicating the situation. Synutra Ingredients is the only manufacturer that has full control of the materials from source to product.

Over the years, Synutra Ingredients has developed an array of analytical protocols and methodologies to evaluate and identify source cartilages of the powders produced or procured. Synutra Ingredients has, for example, discovered a unique analytical feature of the porcine nasal cartilage in optical rotation of its powder product. We have compiled authentication metrics of physical and chemical idiosyncrasies of categories of cartilage materials. We can make available to our customers these analytical references to ascertain that they are truly getting what they want.

Synutra Ingredients is working with the dietary supplements industry's documentary standards organization to include in the compendium this and other identifying features of various products of different cartilage materials.