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We are a leading manufacturer and provider of ingredients for dietary supplements, specializing in nutrients for healthy joints. Our current product lines include varieties of high quality chondroitin and collagen ingredients for commercial or industrial customers:

Endowed with a world-class factory, we produce and ship the highest quality raw materials to our industrial customers’ specifications.  Synutra Ingredients also engages in private label services, working with our commercial customers to develop, manufacture, package, and ship retail products under OEM arrangements.

Synutra Ingredients leads the industry in:
  • quality control and assurance with pioneering work in the area of analytical methodologies to detect and identify adulteration in the chondroitin sulfate material supply chain.
  • manufacturing capacity and scale of economy to meet customers' procurement needs.
  • offering branded materials in chondroitin sulfate and chondroitin calcium products. These branded materials carry substantive guarantees for product purity (free from alginic acid adulteration), ultra low heavy metal limits, and choice of verifiable cartilage sources. Recently, the industry and regulators have become more aware of and concerned about possible dangers of ingredient and product adulteration (see news ).
  • Fighting and winning the battle against chondroitin adulteration (see video: SI President Weiguo Zhang offers "Synutra Combo" at SupplySide Why Stage, urging use of CPC and Electrophoresis together to assure chondroitin purity and true assay).

With our industry-leading operational scale and GMP facility, along with stringent quality control and process management system, we guarantee our chondroitin sulfate powder materials will meet or exceed United States Pharmacopeia (USP) standards, respond to customer specifications and comply with stated purity levels, with no additives, fillers or anti-caking agents.

We are delighted that you have found us here.  Please contact us and find out how to order the products or request for more information.