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Synutra Ingredients works closely with customers using our commodity and branded materials. With the depth of our industry knowledge and extent of our research and development capabilities, Synutra Ingredients is ready to share with our business partners expertise in a wide area of services, including:

Support for process improvement, by evaluating material impact on customers existing manufacturing processes and help with system optimization and efficiency improvement;

Analytical support for material screening and qualification, by acting as a third party analytical option to evaluate material quality and screen for certain common place adulterants, in addition to providing assistance in adoption of adulteration-detection procedures and help with establishment of best practices;

Market development services, with market presence of Meitek Technology, Synutra Ingredients' affiliate, industry customers can work through us to access potential dietary supplement markets in emerging market like China. In this areas, Synutra Ingredients offers the following services for that market.

Retail Sales / Branding and Marketing
  • Meitek currently manufactures, packages, markets and sells branded products in China through retail outlets, pharmacies, and other distribution networks, containing chondroitin and collagen ingredients and other nutrients
  • Retail brands development including “Meitek Twin-Keys” for joint health
  • Retail product certification and permitting
  • Brand building and distribution channel development
  • Retail sales, marketing and management services

Ingredients / Raw Material Supply

  • Manufacturing, per industry standards and customer specification
  • Import-export services
  • Product testing and certification
  • Shipping documentation
  • Freight-forwarding, warehousing
  • Trucking, and Just-in-time delivery
  • Invoicing and A/R management
  • Insurance arrangement
  • Return and refund

Private Label (OEM) Service, Contract Manufacturing

  • Product development and positioning
  • Product delivery system design and implementation
  • Product manufacturing
  • Packaging design and development
  • Shipping and logistics services
  • Export-Import documentation
  • Just-in-time delivery services
  • Product assessment and testing